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 Netherlands Ship Chandler in 1957 to realize Chandlery activities and continues to improve it’s services from day to day successfully.

    Ship Chandler Netherlands supplying; Provisions, publications, materials and all need of your vessel. Our equipments are always good quality. All is checks before than giving to ship, and financially the most appropriate ones. You get quality with reasonable price. Your supplies are realize with professional workers, without wasting time or without any problem.

Ship Chandler Netherlands team members got a Professional knowledge and experiences on their own. Netherlands Ship Supply team has 60 years of experience at Ship Chandler. Some of our workers already worked in ship for many years. So they have so much idea about ship, crew, life in ship and crew’s problems. They have solutions about these problems. They can figure out your problems in shortest time.

Netherlands Ship Supply sure will provide/arrange your ship best service with best prices

Ship Chandler Netherlands are here for resolve your problems. Ship Chandler Netherlands would be happy than advertise your problems, representation, suggestion and questions to us. You could with us mail to o+32 474 30 30 13 all day long.


Today all the shipping companies that are proffesional are doing their recruits without paying any commissions to the agencies and the other stock brokers.
Because they are finding the reliable recruits directly in order to get their needs with the international standards right in the port.

Therefore the shipping companies get reap profit of a discount up to %30.

So please contact with us all kinds ship requisitions, sure Ship Chandler Netherlands will provide you best quotation at all port of Netherlands